baby room

Our under 2’s room caters for children in the 6 months to two years age group. Our focus for this age group is to provide a warm and nurturing environment for your precious little ones, giving them the confidence to explore, discover and experience at their own pace.
As each child is an individual, their interests and needs differ. We recognise this and introduce various activities to support this development and growth.

toddler roomWe encourage parent input and feedback concerning their child’s routines in their home environment, and incorporate these as closely as possible. This provides more structure and continuity during these early stages. We strive to build our knowledge on our families cultures and backgrounds and are always eager to learn and share within our room and the centre. Parents and families are also encouraged to participate in our activities and share in decision making.

We provide a safe and secure environment for the young ones through our caring staff, whilst having a day that’s filled with lots of fun in our bright and colourful room.

Our programming focuses on building this confidence through a range of activities. Group activities are particularly important here and key to developing their social skills and interaction as well as building on the use of language. This also introduces base values such as sharing and caring and we ensure that all children have the opportunity to express themselves freely amongst the group. We also encourage and teach basic self help skills such as hygiene and personal care.