Children in the Kindy age group like to be kept busy with a wide variety of activities. Our outdoor playground and indoor areas are set up each day to provide a stimulating environment that will encourage and challenge the children to engage with their surroundings and peers and so getting the most out of their day with us.

kindy roomWe take a holistic approach in our Kindy room which focuses not just on the education but also the entire development and welfare of the child based on their individual interests. We expand on their interests using manipulative and other source materials which children find engaging. Our programme includes a wide variety of group activities encouraging children to engage their peers, reinforcing social skills such as problem solving, developing friendships, cooperating and sharing as well as expanding on communication abilities.

We are particularly passionate about the importance of the Foundation skills required for reading, writing and numeracy. This is done through developing your child’s fine motor skills, spatial awareness, classification activities, sequencing and patterning to name a few and will give your child the best possible start on their introduction to numeracy and literacy at school level. In our Kindy room we incorporate many familiar routines that are adopted in a formal school environment, thus making it easier for them when they go on to school.

Overall, we believe it is vital to build a Childs confidence and self-esteem in order for them to move forward and learn for themselves. Positive encouragement and praise helps build a child’s self esteem and confidence and we feel so much satisfaction when we see this growth in your children.