Our Toddler room covers the 2 to 3 year’s age group. During these years, the child is growing in confidence as they develop their communication skills and become more active and inquisitive.

toddler roomOur programming focuses on building this confidence through a range of activities. Group activities are particularly important here and key to developing their social skills and interaction as well as building on the use of language. This also introduces base values such as sharing and caring and we ensure that all children have the opportunity to express themselves freely amongst the group. We also encourage and teach basic self help skills such as hygiene and personal care.

On joining the toddler room, the children will be included in a wide range of activities, including mat sessions, art and craft, music recognition, movement and sensory experiences to name a few. We embrace Play as a powerful learning tool for children, as it is through Play that toddlers learn the most and through their own play experiences, have the opportunity to practice and build on their various skills.

Parent feedback and communication is an important part of the Toddler room. We communicate daily with parents on your child’s eating, sleeping, toileting and general well being and welcome any input parents may have on the activities we carry out in the room.

Our toddler room is a fun room full of laughter and smiles.