Joey Room 
The Joey room is a flexible environment which is easily adapted for the children’s different interests and abilities. All equipment and activities cater for the different age groups and prides its self on having easy access to its own garden. These two connectable areas allow the children to free flow between the areas exploring the different types of play equipment available. The experienced educators work closely with all families to incorporate the children's current interests into the curriculum and scaffold on these interests in a learning capacity. 
Koala Room 

The Koala room is a wonderful large area which is divided into a variety of vibrant areas. All these areas are carefully planned to promote learning and play. The room is situated next to the toilet area which is a huge positive for those children at the toilet training stage. All areas are designed to promote conversation, shared thinking and collaborative learning. The experienced educators see each individual child as competent learner from birth and promote learning through a play based approach. This type of learning encourages social interactions, imagination, creation and discoveries.

Kookaburra Room

The Kookaburra room is a wonderfully spacious, energetic place where the children are intrinsically drawn to explore the wide variety of intentional and spontaneous activities and experiences provided for them. Each of the areas are created with the children in mind and are continuously evolving through the children's interests, families and community influences. In the Kookaburra room we encourage those all-important self-help skills and implement a school ready program. The room is easily divided into two areas to enable both small and large group focused learning and has a wonderful garden which is connected directly to the room which enables the children easy access to another beautiful learning environment